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Restaurant La Minga
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         Welcome to Restaurant La Minga

The restaurant at first became familiar purposeful rather than restaurant was a meeting room for family gatherings , as the owners come from large families .

It was inaugurated on the birthday of the owner and one of his daughters in December 2007 . 

Then the people of the community began to ask why not install it and take advantage as restaurant? . That's where the idea of being used as a commercial turn .

So a little over a year opened , starts working as the restaurant " La Minga " . This in October 2009 . From there we get visitors from all over who come to enjoy the typical food of the area.

After two years the owners decide to make a renovation to its infrastructure , leaving ample space for more than 200 people , after the new reconstruction is reopened , this time with the marriage of a daughter of these small business entrepreneurs .

To date Restaurant La Minga has a fireplace for barbecues and events, serving tourism companies, institutions, individuals and also has beautiful green areas for enjoyable walks.


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Celular: (09) 96446702 - 82120053
Curaco de Velez, Isla Quinchao, Chiloé